Poshaakwale Costumes on rent in pune

Costumes for Every Story..

Whether you’re prepping for School event, Annual function, Social gathering or Personal event, your Poshaakwale makes everything more fun..

We bring you everything you could possibly need to make your special occasions more memorable. Cost differs according to the Costumes and accessories that are rented. Added to it Caution Deposit to be done and can be claimed back when the costumes are returned.


Fancy Dress Costumes

Dance Dresses and Props

Theme Dressing

Festive Dressing

Personalities Dressing

Profession Dressing

Costumes for School Events

School Supplies

School Uniforms

Books and Stationaries

Educational toys


* We provide customized costumes for Annual Functions / Concerts.


God Costumes

We have all costumes related to divine spirits and gods with us, make your kid a living god.

International Costumes

We have a wide range of International dresses of different countries..

Nature and Objects

We excel in providing a wide range of Dresses related to Nature and Objects.

Community Helpers

We have all Community Helpers costumes. Local and Global Professions.

Dance and Regional Dress

We provide dresses for Garba, Bollywood, traditional and International dance.

Historic Personality

We provide costumes of all famous personalities.

Fruits and Vegetables

We have cutouts and premium costumes of Fruits and Vegetables.

Animals and Birds

We have Animals, Birds , Insects and Sea creatures costumes.

Theme, Festival and Events

We provide all types of Costumes and Accessories for Themes related events.

Cartoons and Superheros

We have a Premium range of Superhero and Cartoon dresses.

Flowers and Trees

You can find most variety of Flowers and Trees with us.

Costume Accessories

We are engaged in providing costume accessories on hire as per requirements.

Why Poshaakwale?

We have a huge range of costumes to choose from, on rent for adults and children and you have the privilege of being able to “Try Before You Hire”.

Our Dresses are maintained and cleaned on Regular Basis to ensure that everyone would enjoy wearing it.

Poshaakwale offers a wide variety of dresses available on hire that too at sensible prices.

Earn with Poshaakwale!

Now you can lend and sell your costumes before they're thrown or dumped in the back of a wardrobe. Poshaakwale will provide you with an advisory price for selling of your costumes. * We consider the condition of the item, and how popular and 'in style' the item is.

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